A Day at the Zoo (or at least a couple of hours)

While I enjoy taking wildlife pictures, the complexities of zoo photography (wires, glass, crowds, cages, etc.) make taking good photos a special challenge. I enjoy the challenge and hope you enjoy a day – or my shots from a couple hours – at the zoo.



Napping Flamingo


Flamingo Tail



Pelican Preening



Sleeping Sloth


These are a few of my Favorite Things.

Some of the Wing Things and Flower Power photos are favorites, but these are some favorites that don’t fit those two categories.


Wing Things

Here are my favorite photos of things with wings:

These are a few of my favorite things with wings.

Flower Power

Yes, I am a child of the 60’s, but this flower power is about my favorite flower photos. The next two posts will also have some of my all-time favorites.

Christmas & New Year’s Ball

A beautiful hand-crafted gift was given to us a couple of years ago.  It is made from plastic cups and LED Christmas lights. We hung it outdoors this year. Here is a daytime and a nighttime shot. No, we didn’t do a ball drop at midnight New Year’s Eve.




Cacti. Yes, they are sharp. But, like most of creation, they have an inherent beauty. I hope you can see the beauty in these stingers from  Frederick Meijer Gardens.






Red-Headed Irishman


Hairy Harry




Mums the Word

Mums the word. Pumpkins too, at Meijer Gardens Fall display. I have some Mum shots, some pumpkin photos, and a few special effects shots. Hope you enjoy this Fall splash of colors.onewcattailsrowssnakespinkpumpkinspumpkins2Red xtramixed xtra

Surfs Up

My youngest son and I set out to catch some waves (with our cameras, not our surfboards) in two Lake Michigan harbors with lighthouses. We went first to South Haven, Mi and then to Holland, Mi. We had heard there were 8-10 foot waves and we were not disappointed.

The howling wind made keeping stable a major effort (I almost got blown over!) and the cold, damp wind cut through every layer and went straight to our bones.

There were reported to be 26 foot waves in Lake Superior, but that’s too far to catch some waves. Hope you can experience the power of the shorelines in these photos. The first four are from South Haven. The next four from Holland.

SH 5SH 3SH 4SH 9H 1H 4H 5H 3


In the last few months I have taken pictures of fishermen in three different countries. I thought the contrast was interesting, so I thought I would share these pictures with you.

Bay of Cartagena

Bay of Cartagena (Columbia)

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan (Guatemala)

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan (Traverse City, USA)


Fishing, but not a fisherman.

Iximche Mayan Ruins

After our visit in Colombia, we went to Guatemala to visit my brother Paul, and his spouse Bev, who live in Antigua, Guatemala. We did some sightseeing by visiting an interesting museum in Guatemala City and later a trip to Lake Atitlan – a volcanic crater lake covering over 50 square miles. On the way to Lake Atitlan we visited the ruins of the ancient Mayan capital city of Iximche . Both links are worth checking out if you wish to know more about the lake or the ruins.

I am fascinated by the advanced culture of the Mayan people. Their building design and construction are incredible as were their very advanced mathematical skills. Iximche is hard to capture in photos, but I hope you get a sense of the mystical power of this place from these pictures.


One of the Mayan “Rosetta Stones” that helped archeologists learn the written language.


Our very knowledgeable Mayan guide showed us how to climb the very narrow space-saving steps.


Our guide also explained the Mayan mathematical symbols that can still be found on the Guatemalan currency.


The compounds of 5-6 clans make up the site, although not all have been excavated. Iximche is at an elevation of over 7000′ with deep ravines surrounding it.


What is left of what would have been a larger structure with wood framing and thatched roof on the top.


Going up.


Iximche is still considered a sacred site by the Mayan people. All of the clan compounds had fire pits for ceremonial purposes. Some – like this one – are still used today.


Flowers growing out of rock always amaze me.


More flowers at the ruins.


Goodby to Iximche.


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